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IMPORTANT: As of 12/31/2020, Joel still hasn't seen all the content of this game, which was created as a gift for him.  If you are a Vinesauce fan, please DO NOT spoil him on endings he hasn't seen.  I am releasing this as a gift to you and if you ruin it for the guy I actually made it for I will be very upset.

Somewhere in Sweden, trouble is brewing: Joel Jarvisson, popular streamer of Vinesauce fame, decided to write an incredibly mean-spirited letter to Santa as a joke while streaming drunk.  This wouldn't normally be a problem except for one thing: he didn't remember doing it and now he's accidentally sent it!  Now it's up to you, his anxiety-ridden incompetent cartoon cat pal Garbagefield, to try and save the holiday season!

Originally completed the day before Christmas Eve in 2019, this game is now available to the public for the first time!  A graphical CYOA for the Sega Master System, this game features over 365 unique images spread across dozens of wildly different endings.  The story is written with the intention of it being funny regardless of your experience with Joel's streams as well as being relevant any time of the year.

Included in the .7z file are the SMS ROM for "Garbagefield Saves Christmas" as well as the game's manual in lovely TXT format!  Recommended emulator is MEKA, though it is confirmed to also work in RetroArch.  It is unknown if it will work on real hardware at this time.

Install instructions

In order to play the game, you will require one of the following:

  • A Sega Master System emulator (Recommended: MEKA or RetroArch)
  • Actual SMS hardware and a flash cart (EverDrive, etc.)

Please note that it is entirely untested on real hardware and your results may not be ideal using this method.  There are also a few issues re: the engine used for creating the game as far as memory usage goes that can cause graphical glitches with either the font or the game's tiles.  This is best avoided by use of save states when you reach choices; reloading and trying again usually fixes such problems.


Garbagefield Saves Christmas ROM & User Manual 829 kB


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Unfortunately doesn't work on a real Master System, it gives an error (0x30). Tried on a MegaDrive (my cart runs also Master System roms) but doesn't work either

I had somebody else report a similar issue and it turned out that their particular type of flash cart was throwing an error because it didn't support the loading of Master System games above a certain size; is it possible this is what you're running into as well?  The game is 3MB, which is to my knowledge the largest SMS game ever released but is within the theoretical maximum size limit.

Yes, I think that's my issue. I double checked and found that my cart allows max 1MB for game. Thanks for your answer! I played the game on the suggested emulator and it's really fun

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Great game with beautiful graphics and funny dialogue. Congrats!